custom and handmade accessories and gifts



​​ Our goal is to provide a truly unique item. The kind that is fun and functional and really shows off your personality and style and to provide this at a reasonable price. Most of our products are handmade, but a few are purchased elsewhere then embroidered, hand painted and/or otherwise embellished to create a new and amazing product, just perfect for expressing your personality, causes or favorite fandom.

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Show your team spirit, support a cause or just

get your geek on!​

We specialize in fandoms, genre and team themed products. And on a personal note, the fandom stuff is truly the favourite part of what we do here.

So whether it is an obsession with a certain TV show, movie franchise, music, sport or just a good cause...

We would love to create something to help you

show the world what you love.

     Soon we hope to be relocating and maybe even eventually have a place where you can come in and see what we're all about and shop. We also plan to expand our sales options at some point and add a shopping cart to this site. Until then, our BONEHEADBAGS shop on  the website or on the Etsy app is our main sales platform. We'll keep you posted on those goals as we make the transition.

 Take a look at our gallery to see what we have created, visit our Etsy shop to purchase ready-to-ship items, or contact us about having a custom item made. You can choose your style, size, color, fabrics, features, graphics, embroidery and personalization to have something special created just for you.
We will work together and discuss every detail of what you want and all information will be presented to you via email so you can verify and approve each and every aspect of the design.

If you have any questions about what we do, check out our FAQ page or our POLICIES  page for more information. Well that's about it... but if I can leave you with any inspiring words of my own, I guess it would be, "Always be the best you that you can be. Be true to yourself, be kind and be creative... and get your geek on."





  Occasionally you may find us out and about with a booth set up at an event...usually some geeky convention.  I sometimes have my daughter and granddaughter with me to help out for with events. Both of them do a fantastic job assisting customers with everything form answering basic questions to making a sale and seeing that the customer is happy with the product and process. 



   Usually it's a one woman show here, but even when I have assistance I am designing, prepping, sewing, painting, inspecting and shipping. triple checking that everything is up to our high standards in quality, craftsmanship and value.    

   The "staff" and I love creating and shipping orders to our customers, although I'm pretty sure they just like the boxes, laying on the desk, and stealing paint brushes, bits of fabric and machine bobbins. 


     At this point, BONEHEADBAGS is a very small home-based sole proprietorship, located on the Gulf Coast of of warm sunny Florida. I started the company in August of 2012, but have been creative since the day I could hold a crayon in my hand. We are slowly growing the business, adding more products as requests arise or as I come up with ides, but we are really concentrating on our best sellers, the Galaxy Collection. 

     I truly love what I do. It is an amazing feeling when a customer contacts you or leaves a five star review thanking you for creating something that suited their needs so perfectly or going above and beyond to assure that it arrives quickly or send it as a gift. And even though the prep, work processes and technical difficulties  can be a bit tedious or frustrating at times, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I often find that as I work,  I get so caught up in the work and joy of creating something that I often lose track of time. This is most true when I am painting.. Stick a paintbrush in my hand and put some good music on and I'm in my own little world somewhere in a galaxy far far away. That is probably why one of my favorite quotes is, "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." by Vincent Van Gogh.

. . . A great little place to find that perfect tote, accessory or gift to express your style and personality.
From darling to durable, elegant to everyday, funky to fandoms, whimsical to water resistant . . .
We've got it here. We offer a great selection of handmade tote bags, handbags, key chains, lanyards,

other accessories, baby items, hand painted shoes, ties and wall art, home decor and more.

We love doing geeky stuff and fandom themed items on our products, but we do so much more.

 My name is Cheryl.
 I'm the creative mind behind BONEHEAD.
 At an early age, I started drawing, painting and being crafty, using any medium to express myself. As I grew older and more skilled, I found myself making the things I couldn't find  in stores. When I would go out, people would come up to me and ask, "Where did you get that?" I'd  smile and tell them that I made it myself. . .
 and things just took off from there.

I feel that we can all be a little geeky about the things we love  and believe in.
 And that's what BONEHEAD is all about. . . Expressing yourself

We offer a variety of handmade, hand painted, embellished and even re-purposed items including, but not limited to:

  • hand painted shoes like Converse, Vans & Keds
  • home decor
  • totes, bags & pouches
  • key chains and lanyards
  • hair accessories
  • baby bibs & pacifier clips
  • pet collars
  • pin backed and magnetic photo art buttons
  • ties, hats, scarves & more