Q: What are your policies on privacy and security of your customer's personal information?

A: We only use your personal information to process your order and we take every precaution we can to ensure your privacy, and the safety and security of that information. For more information on our privacy policy and our other policies, please read the information provided on our POLICIES page.

Q: I don't see a shopping cart on the site. How can I shop with you?
A: You can purchase from us in our Etsy shop or by contacting us about any product.
Simply click the Etsy button on the shopping page or on the home page. It will take you directly to our shop.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Payment options vary depending on how the transaction is made...
In the Etsy shop, we accept PayPal and we also accept Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards many other forms of payment through Direct Checkout.
Other internet orders and phone orders also have several payment options that can be discussed when you contact us. The most common payment system is PayPal. We email you an invoice and you pay it however you choose via PayPal, no account needed.
Live and in person, we accept cash and process credit card, debit card and Apple Pay via SQUARE.

Q: How will my order be shipped?
A: We use UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE unless other services are requested.

All USPS packages shipped within the United States will receive a tracking number in your shipping notification.
All International orders will receive the customs form number in your shipping notification.

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: If you are ordering a finished product, your order is usually shipped within 2 business days.
If you have ordered a custom or made to order item, your estimated ship date will be discussed during the ordering process. Once the item is finished and you approve the preview, it will be packed up and sent out. You will receive a shipping notice. 

Shipping times vary depending on destination. You will receive an estimated arrival date in your shipping notice, if the information is available from the USPS. Otherwise, please use the tracking information provided to you in your shipping notice.

Q: I saw something I liked in the gallery, but I want a different color. Can you do that?

A: Most likely, yes. We can select other fabrics, thread colors, accents and features to change the look for you.
It may not be exactly the same depending on the availability of novelty print fabric or other supplies, but we can work with you to create something with a similar appearance.

Q: Why do some items seem a little expensive?

A: Most of our items are handmade and/or hand painted. There is no big factory assembly line with machines that finish 100 items in seconds with the mere push of a button. Very few things are outsourced. so nearly every item is designed, cut out, sewn, painted and assembled almost completely by one insanely devoted person. This process takes time. Quite often, so much time is put into items that there is little to no profit.

Q: If I contact you or make a purchase, will I receive annoying emails or sales calls?
A: Nope. No way. Absolutely not.
Although we have recently added an email list, we do not spam you with emails or sales calls.
We may occasionally have special sales or event notifications, but you will only receive notification if you choose to check the box and sign up for notifications on the contact form on out CONTACT page.
Other than that, we only contact you to confirm selections on custom order, if there is an issue with the order or you requested a reply from us.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Yes, we can accept returns and issue refunds on most of our products.
Exceptions: We do not accept returns on custom made items. We involve you in every aspect of the design process. Every detail is discussed, reviewed and approved by the customer before it ever gets assembled or shipped.

Q: How do I care for or clean my new item once I receive it?
A: Most items come with a care instruction sheet.

Q: Is there any kind of warranty with my product?
A: No. There is no specific warranty or guarantee provided with your product.
Rest assured though, that we do our best to provide a great product by using quality supplies, extra stitching and even preventative and protective treatments and procedures to ensure you are able to enjoy your purchase for a long time. We will repair or replace items if they are found to be defective upon receipt, but we do not state that they are guaranteed to last a specific amount of time before use and wear begin to show.

Q: Are you on facebook and other social media sites?
A: Yes, we are on facebook,  twitter, pinterest and adding instagram as well. Just look for the icons or links on our home page so you can follow us.

Q: How can I view your products live and in person? 
A: Currently, we are a very small home based business, so there is not a physical store you can go to, although I do have an occasional visitor. Other than that, we do set up a booth at a few conventions and events here in Florida.

Q: How much are painted shoes?
A: The Price of painted shoes varies depending on several things:

  •    Brand and style of the shoes
  •     Are you or BONEHEAD providing the shoes?
  •     Do you want a lot of graphics or something simple?

Keep in mind that more detail takes time, increasing the price. These are HAND PAINTED. Each shoe is literally an artists canvas. We do offer simplified art like silhouettes and basic line drawings to keep expenses down but still make a statement.
So, shoes + total cost of graphics + shipping  & taxes (if applicable)= total

Q: How can I get custom painted shoes?
A: To order custom painted shoes, you must contact us to discuss all the details, and there are a lot of details. You can request a catalog of detailed information and  examples of available graphics to hep you decide.

Q: What kind of details?
A: You need to know the brand, style, and size shoe for starters. Besides that, we will discuss where to get the shoes, paintable areas, graphics styles and size, price, shipping, payments, etc.

Q: What kind of buttons do you have?
A: The photo art buttons we offer are 2.25 inches across. They are made in the USA from US steel. They are available with a pin back or surface magnet back. The photo art is most often original artwork/photo art and is protected by a clear mylar cover.
Other features and styles are being added: Mirror backs, ornaments, key chains and more.

If you still have questions about any of our policies and practices, please take a look at our POLICIES page.

If you have questions about anything,  feel free to contact us. We're here to help.

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